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Ep. 001 - The Story Behind This Podcast

/ March 31, 2022 /

Co-Hosts: Scott Willson and Jeff Hughes

This podcast episode is the inaugural episode of the Quit Your Crappy Job podcast. In this episode, Jeff and Scott discuss their backgrounds, how they met, and how this podcast came to be. They discuss some of the initial guests that will join the podcast, including a former NFL player and a former lawyer turned former CEO. Additionally, they are joined by a former software sales executive who started an overhead door business and a marketing professional who left her job, packed all her possessions into a trailer, and traveled across the U.S. before starting a marketing company.

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Tags: #QuitYourCrappyJob #business #podcast #selfimprovement #nfl #ceo #marketing 


We're always looking for guests to join us and share their story and insight. Please email us if you or someone you know would like to be on our podcast.

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