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Ep. 003 - Wheels Up, Sunday Scaries

/ April 28, 2022 /

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Scott Willson, Elise Oras, and Jeff Hughes

Jeff and Scott talk with Elise Oras, who is the co-founder and Head of Strategy for Wheels Up Collective. Elise shares her journey as a career marketing professional and part-time YouTuber to entrepreneur. After getting laid off during COVID, Elise and her husband embark on a three-month cross-country road trip that lasts almost a year. Experiencing a locked-down America from a 160-square-foot trailer gave Elise perspective and inspired her to start Wheels Up Collective with her friend. While many companies have started in garages, Elise began her company from her trailer. She had to schedule meetings that allowed her to juggle intermittent cell service, retail wifi, and "moving days."

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Tags: #QuitYourCrappyJob #business #podcast #selfimprovement #marketing #roadtrip 


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