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Ep. 004 - Betting On Yourself

/ May 12, 2022 /

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Scott Willson, Jeff Hughes, and Jose Portilla

Jeff and Scott talk with Jose Portilla, former NFL Offensive Tackle, professional artist, and championship-winning high school head football coach. Jose shares his story of overcoming setbacks, perseverance, and career transition. Jose was a first-round draft prospect when a teammate tripped and rolled up on Jose's knee during pregame warmups for the Hula Bowl. In the NFL draft, the knee injury left Jose undrafted, a substantial financial and emotional loss. Jose rehabs and rebounds to make the Atlanta Falcons and becomes the first Mexican-born player to play in a Super Bowl. After leaving the NFL, Jose becomes a professional artist, another challenging and hard to crack profession. Along the way, Jose becomes an art teacher and head football coach for a charter school and transforms a bunch of academic overachievers into multiple state championship-winning athletes.

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