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Ep. 005 - Dying Is Easy; Comedy Is Hard

/ May 26, 2022 /

QYCJ Episode 005 - Thumbnail.png

Jeff and Scott talk with stand-up comedian John Ziegler. John's career begins as an employee of several tech companies but finds he isn't happy. Figuring that being an entrepreneur is the answer, he creates a successful fitness business but again finds himself unfulfilled despite his success. John makes the radical cold-turkey decision to quit his business and become a full-time comedian. Johns provides some behind-the-scenes insight into being a stand-up comedian and shares some profound life advice as a pancreatic cancer survivor.

John Ziegler

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Tags: #QuitYourCrappyJob #business #podcast #selfimprovement #comedy #cancer


We're always looking for guests to join us and share their story and insight. Please email us if you or someone you know would like to be on our podcast.

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