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Ep. 006 - I Lost My Job, Oh by the Way, I’m in Labor!

/ June 9, 2022 /

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Cathy Weldon, a marketing professional, is pregnant and working for a large tech company when her company is acquired.  At the time of the acquisition, the acquiring company lays off 40% of the company, including Cathy.  Cathy also learns that the acquiring company will not honor the maternity benefit that was promised to her.  Within two hours of hearing this news, Cathy's water breaks, and she goes into labor.  Labor was not easy, and Cathy subsequently found herself fighting for her life while her newborn did the same in the NICU.  Cathy shares her bounce-back story and how she and her family are better off now than ever.

Reference: Epidural High Block

Jeff Hughes, Cathy Weldon, and Scott Willson

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Tags: #QuitYourCrappyJob #business #podcast #selfimprovement #marketing #nicu #birth #mother #layoff #maternity


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