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Ep. 007 - The Great Tiny Home Resignation

/ June 23, 2022 /

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Scott Willson, Tony Johnson, and Jeff Hughes

Tony Johnson is a seasoned sales professional who is reorganized out of a job, but before he leaves is asked to train the younger and cheaper talent newly hired to replace him.  What Tony experienced is all too common in the corporate world, where management thinks they can replace experience with cheaper labor.  This line of thinking may work for repetitive jobs but not for skilled professions that are heavily nuanced and can leverage a mature network that took years to cultivate.


Ultimately the company hires Tony back only to reorganize a couple of years later and offer him an undesirable position or the option to leave the company.  Tony decides to join millions of others in the Great Resignation and starts an Airbnb business making use of Tiny Homes.  He shares specifics about the Tiny Home industry and how they provide a great business opportunity and a high-quality, low-cost housing option for people and may help municipalities address homelessness.



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