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Ep. 010 - You Can't Take The Island Out of The Girl

/ August 4, 2022 /

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Scott Willson, Danielle Terrelonge and Jeff Hughes

Danielle Terrelonge did strategic planning for a financial arbitration company out of Long Island.  She was making great money living in Manhattan, just a block away from Time Square.  Yet despite all her success, she wasn't happy.  After a few visits home to Jamaica, Danielle decided that she was an island girl at heart and traded her New York job for a corporate job on the island.  But she soon realized her happiness was feeling connected to the land and the sea, not working in a cubicle or board room.  Danielle then embarks on opening an extremely exclusive restaurant in a cave - her first entrepreneurial attempt and is very successful.  This success propels her to start other exclusive business ventures that allow her to maintain the work-life balance she desires.



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