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Podcast Episodes

Jeff Hughes and Scott Willson

013. Wrapping Up Season 1

In this episode, Scott and Jeff review and discuss the lessons learned from our many guests who joined us for our inaugural season.

Scott Willson, Jeff Hughes, Jack Barsky

012. Quitting the Spy Game Copy

There's quitting a job, and there's changing careers, and then there's resigning from the KGB. Ex-KGB agent, retired CIO, author, and speaker Jack Barsky shares his remarkable story along with valuable insights and career advice.

Jeff Hughes, Scott Willson, and Dr. Bryce Willson

011. Achieve What You Believe

Everyone loves an underdog story. What is yours? How you frame your experience (being a felon, too short, not smart enough, etc.) can be either stifling or inspiring. Don't be discouraged when things get hard; the hard part starts when you do things the right way. Dr. Bryce Willson shares his entrepreneurial journey and advice for canceling negative internal narratives.

Scott Willson, Danielle Terrelonge and Jeff Hughes

010. You Can't Take The Island Out of The Girl

Danielle leaves the corporate world and the Big Apple to connect with her Jamaican heart and finds joy and prosperity, bringing that connectedness to others.

Scott Willson, Ryan Lucia and Jeff Hughes

009. When One Door Closes, A Garage Door Opens

Business owner Ryan Lucia joins our podcast to discuss his transition from the corporate white-collar world to the blue-collar entrepreneurial realm. Ryan dispels invaluable business and leadership advice as he describes his journey from being a high school dropout to top performing software sales executive to a successful entrepreneur.

Jeff Hughes, Scott Willson, Christine Pettit and Tim Mueting

008. Sailing the Dream Copy

In 2018, Tim and Christine made a huge lifestyle change. They leave their jobs, downsize their life into a 37-foot sailboat, and embark on a nautical life filled with adventures, misadventures, and peaceful solitude that clarify what matters and is truly important in life.

Scott Willson, Tony Johnson and Jeff Hughes

007. The Great Tiny Home Resignation

Tony Johnson is a seasoned sales professional is offered a new role that he does not want so he joins millions of others in the Great Resignation and starts an Airbnb business with Tiny Homes...

Jeff Hughes, Cathy Weldon, and Scott Willson

006. I Lost My Job, Oh by the Way, I’m in Labor!

Two hours of being laid off, Cathy Weldon, a marketing professional, goes into labor and finds herself and her newborn fighting for their lives...

John Ziegler

005. Dying Is Easy; Comedy Is Hard

Stand-up comedian John Ziegler makes the radical cold-turkey decision to quit his own business to become a full-time comedian....

Scott Willson, Jeff Hughes and Jose Portilla

004. Betting On Yourself

Jose Portilla, former NFL Offensive Tackle, professional artist, and championship-winning high school head football coach shares his story of overcoming setbacks...

Scott Willson, Elise Oras, Jeff Hughes

003. Wheels Up, Sunday Scaries

Elise Oras, who is the co-founder and Head of Strategy for Wheels Up Collective, shares her journey as...

Scott Wood, Scott Willson and Jeff Hughes

002. Accepting It’s Time to Make a Change

Jeff and Scott talk with Scott Wood, a former attorney turned CEO, about his career and the decisions that led him from the courtroom to the boardroom...

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